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Joyful Yuletide Ornament Slots

You will enjoy this play-for-fun slot machine game with a joyful Yuletide X’mas ornaments theme!

Joyful Yuletide Ornament Slots Features:
* Colorful Holidays festive graphics
* Free 1500 chips to start play for fun!
* 3 different reels of Christmas themed tiles
* Multiple lines – play up to 5 lines at once
* Fun progressive play – you can bet more chips as the level increases
* Maximum bet feature in every spin
* Spin snowmen, gingerbread men, Xmas trees, Santa hats, teddy bears, jingle bells and other joyful Yuletide ornaments!
* Generous odds! The more you play the more chips you win!
* Bonus chips every hour!
* More free chips if you ever go broke!
* Leaderboard – complete against other player to see who has the most chips!