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Jolly Santa Chimney Hurdles

The jolly Santa Claus from “Santa Roof Run” is back! Santa again needs to get in shape for Christmas. This year he has four

Santa Roof Run

Help Santa Claus get in shape running on rooftop and jumping over chimneys! Christmas is soon arriving and Santa Claus has gained a few

Joyful Yuletide Ornament Slots

You will enjoy this play-for-fun slot machine game with a joyful Yuletide X’mas ornaments theme! Joyful Yuletide Ornament Slots Features: * Colorful Holidays festive

Gimme Red Envelopes

Happy New Year! Tap and get as many red envelopes as you can before they are gone! Do not touch the falling firecrackers or

Mahjong Pai Gow Slot Machines

Looking for different kind of free play-for-fun slot machine games? Check out this latest and hottest slots game with a Mahjong and Pao Gow

Winter Sports Memory Match

Get ready for Winter Sports 2016! Compete in our popular memory match games! We feature all kinds of fun winter sports such as ice

Spot The X’mas Difference

Everyone in your family will enjoy playing this Spot The X’mas Difference game app during the Christmas Holidays! Santa Clause warns that this challenging

Motorboat Cruising Waterway

Fast motorboat racing in a canal waterway! Speed cruising with crashes galore! Test your turbo boat racing skills on water in this fun canal

Salmon Upstream Slalom

Help salmons slalom upstream avoiding rocky obstacles and hungry grizzly bears! The salmons are ready to spawn and are ready to swim upstream to

Maroon Ivory Rectangle Joust

If you enjoy our hit game “Maroon Ivory Rectangle Bout”, you will love this sequel! Once again this is a fun musical game to

Revolving Cannonball Hurdle

Compete against the world to see who is the best revolving cannonball hurdler! Tap the screen to jump the cannonball over the revolving hurdle!

Gemstone Trio Unite

Remove trios of gemstones with the same color as fast as you can in 1 minute! Compete against the world to see who has