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Jolly Santa Chimney Hurdles

The jolly Santa Claus from “Santa Roof Run” is back! Santa again needs to get in shape for Christmas. This year he has four

Revolving Cannonball Hurdle

Compete against the world to see who is the best revolving cannonball hurdler! Tap the screen to jump the cannonball over the revolving hurdle!

Gemstone Trio Unite

Remove trios of gemstones with the same color as fast as you can in 1 minute! Compete against the world to see who has

Woodpecker Backyard Woodcutter

Help the backyard woodpecker cut wood without getting hit by fallen branches! Tap the screen to move the woodpecker left or right to avoid

Swaying Whirlybird

Guide the whirlybird copter fly upwards without hitting the swaying hammers and platform beams. The whirlybird gets airborne directly into the paths of lethal

Blackbird Zigzag Rebound

Keep the trapped blackbird flying in a zigzag path and rebounding from the wall in a closed room! Do not bump into the serrated

Magenta Slab Ebony Bouncer

Bounce the ebony ball to break up the magenta slabs in this classic arcade game! Magenta Slab Ebony Bouncer is a breakout-type game that

Maroon Ivory Rectangle Bout

Maroon Ivory Rectangle Bout is a fun musical game to test your reflex and response. The goal of the player is to tap on

Antigravity Ceiling Jogger

Antigravity Ceiling Jogger takes place in the not too distant future. Gravity can be reversed and antigravity can be applied by simply tapping on

Canyon Plunge Steep Descent

Plunge down the canyon to start the bottomless steep descent and stay alive! Canyon Plunge Steep Descent is a simple and addictive Falldown game.

Convertible Roadster Endurance Race

Test your driving skill in this cool convertible roadster endurance car race! You are the driver of a fast convertible roadster race car in

Amoeba Flop Hopping Blob

In this addictive Android wall climbing game, your goal is to help Amoeba the Hopping Blob to go up the vertical walls as high